About Us

Brewster Building Center, Inc.’s ready-built operations, Brewster Homes, is designed to provide our clients with a wide range of affordable, custom built, ranch-style homes to suite a multitude of client needs. Whether you are upgrading your current housing situation, a retiree looking for one level living situation, or unable to find a local builder or contractor, Brewster Homes is here to help make your vision a reality.

We work with some of the finest suppliers in the country, such as Woodland Cabinetry, Bayer Built Woodwork and Andersen Windows, to create a beautiful and long-lasting new home. Therefore, whether you purchase a quality built spec house from Brewster Homes’ or have us design and build a custom home, we will assist you with all the details to make the process as hassle free and seamless as possible.

At Brewster Homes, we have been building homes for individuals and families who reside in the local area for ten (10) years. We have also have assisted clients who live many miles from Milbank, South Dakota. Currently we are serving an area within a 250-mile radius from our lot. The moving of the home from our build site to its final destination is a process that we have perfected; making it quite feasible to ensure your new home arrives safely at its destination. And because we have obtained a building license in the State of Minnesota we can, and have, built homes for clients who reside in Minnesota.

Please feel free to give us a call 605-432-5401, or visit Brewster Homes at 1209 E. 4th Ave. Let’s sit down and begin planning your quality build home, the home you have been dreaming about.

The exterior of the Brewster Building Center Millbank, SD