Moving Guide

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MILEAGE FEES: $50.00 fee per loaded mile

HEIGHT : State law requires notification of utilities, including cable TV, railroads, and electric companies. Basically, anything that is above the roadway. Most states require at least 5 working days’ notice. The house will have to be ready to move on the date set to move, or it will delay the moving date at least one week. MHM, Inc. will notify the
utilities, but the deposits, and any costs or final bills associated with a particular moving project will be the customer’s responsibilities. Anything above roof peak, such as chimneys, air vents, whirly birds, etc., must be taken down by a professional installer and re-installed onsite by a professional. MHM is not responsible for objects above the peak of the roof. Dormers must be below the main peak of the house. Air vents that are glued down will be customer responsibility.

Over-Height Charges

  • Up to 15' Incl. in base price
  • Over 15' $500
  • Over 16' $750
  • Over 17' $1,500
  • Over 18' $1,750
  • Over 19' $2,000
  • Over 20' $2,500
  • Over 21' $3,000
  • Over 22' Call

    Pricing agreed in writing.

WIDTH: Any house over 30’ wide or over requires the pulling and replacing of signs along the route. Includes all dormers, eaves, jog outs, window bump-outs, and anything more than the standard 2’ eave over-hangs. 

Over-Width Charges

  • Up to 30' Incl. in base price
  • Over 30' $500
  • Over 32' $750
  • Over 34' $1,000
  • Over 36' $1,500
  • Over 38' Call

    Pricing agreed in writing.

You must include all jog outs, window bump-outs, and anything more than the standard 2’ eave over-hangs.

Over-Length Charges

  • Up to 62' Incl. in base price
  • Over 62' $500
  • Over 68' $1,000
  • Over 72' $1,500
  • Over 80' Call

    Pricing agreed in writing.

Fuel Surcharges

Due to Volatility in Fuel prices, Fuel Surcharges apply if regional prices exceed $4.00 per gallon.
*Fuel prices as published by US Energy Information Administration.

Beam Openings

Eight openings---32" wide, 24" deep

  • 40′-8′ in from corners
  • 44′-9′ in from corners
  • 48′-10′ in from corners
  • 52′-11′ in from corners
  • 56′-12′ in from corners
  • 60′-13′ in from corners
  • 64′-14′ in from corners
  • 72′-15′ in from corners

Missing beam openings will be charged accordingly unless approved by MHM, Inc. There are some openings which must be in the basement in order to successfully set the house  own. (8 openings required on standard basement, 5 openings on crawlspace.) Customer’s foundation contractor MUST check with Mover and/or Redibuilt company insuring the proper placement. If openings are incorrect or missing, the main beams will have to be moved, which will result in additional charges. (A $1,500.00 additional fee will occur if the main beams need to be moved due to the missing opening.)

Width end (narrow end) openings MUST be 15’ apart, center-to-center. (7’6”s from center to center=15’.)

Site Conditions

All preparations to deliver the structure to the site safely will be discussed with the homeowner prior to delivery. If any additional work needs to be completed by MHM additional fees will occur. (ie: driveway not wide enough, dirt piles in the way, etc.) Any underground utilities, septic systems, etc., must be clearly marked. MHM will not be  liable if not marked.


Milbank House Movers, Inc. carries $500,000.00 insurance on the house from the commencement of the moving job until the house is set down on the basement or foundation. The insured value is the price the customer pays for the house at the time of purchase. Insurance does not cover damages to shingles, eves, siding, or cracks in walls or ceilings, or cement cracks or damage due to pouring over insulated foam, heating coils, or wiring, etc. Coverage begins with our first act required to prepare for the move and ends on the completion of the last act required to finish the move, or 180 days, whichever comes first. Additional cargo insurance may be purchased and will be billed to the customer.


Customer is responsible for checking with the city and/or county as to the permits required and the ordinances regulating the building codes and the tree trimming.  MHM will coordinate any of the moving permits associated with the move. A minimum charge of $25.00 per permit is charged for each county/state permit required for move.

Escort Fees

All moves require additional escort vehicles for state, county, and city roads. This is at the customer’s expense. MHM will coordinate as needed for moves requiring additional escort vehicles. $750.00 fee applies, per vehicle per day.


Basement or foundation walls MUST be at least 24 inches out of the ground. Ground must be level the width of the house away from the foundation. The beams CANNOT be pulled out from under the house if the openings are below ground once it is set down. No window wells may be installed prior to setting the house on the basement as they
interfere with the setting of the house and removal of the beams and equipment. If not backfilled prior to the move, an additional fee will apply. Sill sealer & basement posts MUST be available at the time of moving. Customers are  encouraged to build a center wall under the house, thus eliminating the need for a header.

MHM, Inc. must be able to drive along side of the basement or foundation the length ways, or there is a charge for rolling the house on endways. There are to be NO BOLTS sticking out of the top of the basement or foundation walls, customers are advised to use ‘mud sill anchors’, which is available at most lumber yards. The customer is responsible
for fastening the house to the foundation. Basement floors are to be poured at least one week prior to moving and setting the house down. Insurance does not cover cement cracks or damage due to pouring over insulated foam—heating coils, wiring, etc. Additional fees may apply in cases where there are extreme elevation conditions that may require additional labor to remove our beams.

All basements need to be free of all debris prior to move or additional fees may

Additional Charges:

  • Backfill: $750.00 fee applies if basement is not backfilled prior to move.
  • Basement wall 24” over/under out of ground: $750.00/ft fee for basement walls over/under 24” out of the ground. If digging or shoveling is required to remove beams, this charge applies.
  • Basement over 8’: $500.00/ft fee for basements over 8’ high/deep walls.
  • Beam Openings missing: $500.00/Main beam, $350.00/Track Beam for concrete openings left out. 8 openings required on standard basement; 5 openings required on crawl space. (Must have permission from Mover before leaving the opening out.)
  • Dolly wheels: $2,500.00 fee for installation of additional dolly wheels due to excessive weight or permit restrictions.
  • Floor not poured: $1,000.00 fee for floor not poured prior to moving.
  • Out of State Fee: $1,500.00 fee for all homes moved outside of SD.
  • Overnight Fee: $500.00/night when crew needs to stay overnight
  • Permit Fees: A minimum of $25.00 per permit is charged for all required permits
  • Roll house endways: $2,000.00 minimum fee for rolling the house on endways.
  • Roll house twice: $2,000.00 fee for rolling the house twice sideways due to any obstacles which won’t allow us to pull directly beside the basement for offloading.
  • Top Chord Bearing Trusses: $5,500.00 Fee applies.
  • Transfer Beam Fee: $2,500.00 Fee applies if roadways or driveways are too narrow.
  • Truss Floors: $500.00 fee for truss floors when the uprights aren’t in the correct position for beam placement. You will be required to install them in the correct place.
  • Tree Trimming: MHM will hire on your behalf, if necessary. Customer will pay all fees billed to MHM.
  • Utility Handling fee: $25.00 fee on each utility charge deposit made on behalf of the Homeowner.
  • Walkout Basement: $1,000.00 fee for any type of Walkout Basement.
  • Wood/Block foundation walls: $2,000.00 fee for Wood or Block foundation walls (must have the center walls set with openings for beams).

* All fees are subject to change at any time.

Delivery date of house move is not guaranteed; inclement weather & road construction may cause delays. Date will be arranged with redibuilt contractor and Mover.